Seacoast Winter BrewFest

I mentioned I’d share adventures from time to time and TODAY is the Seacoast Winter Brewfest in Portsmouth, NH. I ❤️ beer and those that know me, know I’m partial to IPAs (Indian Pale Ales), particularly the NEIPA (New England) and the DIPA (Double) 🍺

We are living in Craft Beer Revolution and I’m happy to be witnessing all the breweries popping up. Lucky for us we even live local/walking distance to a few fantastic spots, Garrison City Beerworks, Stoneface Brewing Co, Chapel & Main, and Bad Lab. We often focus our travel to other cities on finding breweries to compliment our visit 🍻

Brewfests are fabulous events, for beer lovers, and we usually try to hit a few each year. I like the Seacoast Winter Brewfest because it a small festival and you can really focus on beer. Two, the Portsmouth Gas Light, even provides little bites of food which is much appreciated 😊

For my beer friends, find me on Untapped, @JaclynBrand, to see my favorites today. What’s your favorite IPA?


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