Weekly Plan

Well if I can be honest, nothing is planned for this upcoming work week outside of two treats, Queso Fundido and Homemade Kimchi.

My brother has a maple beer boil planned for this afternoon with some friends and since we’ll be joining the festivities I’ll need to bring something delicious to eat 😋. Beer boil and sausage is perfect match and since I have my own chorizo in the freezer and onions and cheese on hand, Queso Fundido will be accompanying us! Typically when I make my own chorizo, I freeze the sausage in 1lb servings and I’ll likely only use 1/2lb for the Fundido, so we’ll plan tacos with the second 1/2lb batch during the work week.  Look at that, a work week meal plan is beginning to take shape 👍

On Sunday, I plan to make my own Kimchi since I have lots of Napa cabbage on hand after my Apple Kimchi Slaw this past week.  I’ve never made this, but since I have many of the ingredients, I’m going for it.  Two, after our Korean focused meals last week, the idea of authentic kimchi has me completely ingritried. Preparing the kimchi to ferment will take some effort, so a Sunday supper and prep for the week will be pretty minimum tomorrow. You know, Sunday chores, cooking projects and work can sometimes get in the way of a routine and plan 😉.  However, this is when our freezer and pantry work overtime.

I looked in my freezer and what’s needing to be used in the fridge and the plan has developed with little effort!

Treat 1 – Chorizo – I will post my ground chorizo recipe later today or tomorrow.

Treat 2 – Queso Fundido for the maple beer boil. I have the bulk of these ingredients on hand, and I only need a poblano pepper. I will be sure to post this treat!

Treat 3 – Kimchi – I have napa cabbage, carrot, green onions, white onions, and many of the pantry items since I love asian spices. Authentic kimchi calls for daikon radish, asian pear, ginger and rice flour, which I’ll need to grab at the supermarket. I’ll also plan to post this preparation and experience.

Meal 1 – I need to use the baby spinach, tomatoes, and mushroom and since I have frozen tortellini , it looks like we’ll be having a meatless Monday. Nothing needed at the store.

Meal 2 – I’ll only use half the chorizo and since I have an avocado, cilantro and tortillas; nothing from the store is needed.

Meal 3 – Frozen chicken thighs in the freezer, check and I’ll give them a quick marinade for grilled chicken and a side salad of baby spinach, tomato and cilantro. I love fresh herbs in a salad because they provide so much brightness. I’ll probably grab a cucumber for some extra freshness for the salad.

My focus is on the treats this week and I love when the weekly plan comes into focus just be opening my fridge and freezer. What’s inspiring you this coming week!


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