Heading to Savannah 🍑

We are off to Savannah, Georgia and I couldn’t be more excited to visit a new city and sample their local cuisine (e.g. fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, pralines and of course those juicy peaches 🍑).

The forecast is looking warm, which is likely to shock us since summer heat has been slow to arrive in New England.

The warm weather won’t hold us back from experiencing Savannah 😉 We’re scheduled for a food tour, Savannah Foodie Tour and Pub Crawl; we have an anniversary ❤️ dinner reservation at The Olde Pink House and I’m hoping we get to Zunzis for their Conquistador sandwich. What else should we be targeting for “eats” and “treats”?

I’ll be posting our foodie adventures on my Instagram account, @jackieseatstreats. We might even try a vlog 👍 at my YouTube channel that needs a kick start 😉

Let me know your Savannah recommendations in the comments below, cheers 🍻


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