Dirty Vodka Martini

Tonight is throwback to my college days with a Dirty Martini, featuring Grey Goose Vodka. Yes, I had expensive taste and looking back I’m not sure how I was able to afford a Dirty Grey Goose Martinis, but then again I had a great job through college that paid well πŸ‘.

Grey Goose Vodka is still a favorite because it’s smooth and you need that for a Vodka Martini. However, if you have another vodka preference, feel free to substitute the Grey Goose.

Tonight we decided to muddle our olives for an “extra” dirty 🍸. This recipe makes two Dirty Martinis and for this cocktail, you’ll need two Martini glasses, a cocktail stirring glass or shaker and a strainer because you don’t want those muddled olives falling into your glass.

Some Notes

  • You can go without muddling olives, if you’d like a less dirty martini.
  • Use good spanish olives. Unfortunately, we only had olive salad and it wasn’t very dirty πŸ˜•.
  • 007 prefers his martini shaken, but we decided to be fancy with our cocktail stirring glass. Feel free to use a cocktail stirring glass or shaker.


  • 5oz Grey Goose Vodka
  • 1oz Vermouth
  • 1oz Olive Brine
  • Green Olives for muddling
  • Green Olives on a 2 cocktail picks


1. Add olives to your cocktail stirrer glass and muddle.

2. Add ice to the muddled olives.

3. Now add the Vodka, Vermouth and Olive Brine and give it a good stir.

4. Strain into the martini glasses.

5. Add your cocktail pick of green olives and cheers 🍸!