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Food Reflection/Prep/Plan: Summer Week 1

What a week! My garden went in, the pool is blue, and the inspirational juices are flowing heading into summer!

Saturday, May 25th – Top left garlic, which I planted last fall and below the garlic is chives which I replanted from a small pot since they needed some ❤. To the right of the garlic and chives, mesclun greens. Bottom left roma tomatoes, bottom middle two chili verde tomatoes, bottom right grape tomatoes in back and lemon plum in front!
PS don’t mind my grass 😉

Saturday, June 1st – I see my first greens!!!

Right garden – Top pink fingerling potatoes and bottom yukon!

I’m most excited for my tomatoes and greens. The chili verde tomatoes are a hybrid from Wentworth Greenhouses and are magical. We use these tomatoes in salsa verde and gazpacho. The Lemon Plum, Grape and Roma will be used in fresh salads and I’ll also roast, dry and create sauces with those. The greens will be transformed into lots of fresh salads, lettuce wraps and I’m particularly excited for the microgreens I’ll initially get.

What went into your garden this spring?

Since fresh super fresh veggies are around corner, Al Fresco Chicken Sausage and Spinach Salads had the spotlight for quick and easy work meals this past week and provided great lunch meals.

Heading into this next week, I’m inspired to make Shakshuka in preparation for the tomatoes that will be arriving in July /August from my garden. I’ve never made this, but we love tomatoes, spice and egg and this dish looks like it could easily work for dinner with it’s savoriness.

I also got smoked salmon at Trader Joe’s this week, so smoked salmon will certainly work it’s way into meals this week.

The plan is in for my own creations, which is somewhat limited because someone has a birthday coming in a few days 🎂

Meal 1 – Shakshuka: Here’s my spin on this North African dish ❤

Meal 2 – Salmon Pappardelle with Lemon and White Wine

Meal 3 – Lox wonderfulness on a salted bagel. I don’t know about you, but I love a NY style lox bagel with smoked salmon, tomato, capers and red onion.

I’m visiting my brother today and he has plans for Lobster Mac and Cheese and here’s that epic side dish, Creamy Delicious Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese!

What’s inspiring you this week?

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