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Summer Kick-off and Craft Beer

This week’s prep, planning and reflection will be focused on SUMMER 🌞.

Oh summer, I have missed you and whenever you’d like to arrive, I’m ready πŸ‘. All jokes aside, this has been a rough spring in New England, but I’m hopeful since this is the unofficial summer kick-off weekend and the weather seems to be turning, FINALLY.

81 on Sunday, yes please πŸ˜‰

With the evening temps consistently in the 50s, my vegetable garden will finally go in. I love gardening and I love growing my own vegetables. My plan for Saturday is preparing and planting my garden since it will be mostly cloudy. I’m planning for potatoes (purple, yukon and rustic), tomotes (cherry, plum, beefsteak and two hybrids salsa verde and lemon) and mesclun greens this summer. I can’t wait for this freshness!

Since this is the unofficial summer kick-off, some outdoor poolside entertaining and R&R is a must. Poolside entertainment at our house typically involves beers and is one of the reasons we purchased a keg back in March. We are currently pouring Moat Mountain’s Miss V’s Blueberry and White Birch Brewery’s Raspberry Berliner Weisse, some favorites for my other half ❀. I tend to favor craft/microbrewery IPAs, with the caveat that my favorite from the year was a sour.

Hands down Garrison City Beerwork‘s Neverending Circles (lactose sour with lime and coconut) was a favorites from the year and certainly my most memorable beer of the year.

I started saving cans last summer since the tall boys usually feature great color and art. Two, if you’re paying between $3.50 and $4.75/can, you might as well save something 🍺. I’ve tossed these cans out since I can’t be a complete packrat πŸ˜‰ and I need to make room for the next annual rotation of tall boys/favorites, which will kick-off with a road trip next Friday to Tree House Brewery. I’ve never been and I’m totally stoked! Have any of my readers/followers been and if yes, any recommendations and/or suggestions to make the most of our road trip.

Since this weekend will be focused on some much needed R&R and visiting with friends, my prep and planning will be very minimal this weekend. We’ll play it by ear, but I do have some Al Fresco Chicken Sausages I picked up last week since they were on special and those will grill up nicely during the work week for easy meals.

My blogs for the week will feature a favorite BBQ condiment, mustard, and some summer kick-off inspiration for you. Maybe even a foodie/beer adventure.

What’s inspiring you on the summer kick-off weekend?

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