100th Post Reflection

This post is my 100th blog about food and drinks I enjoy πŸ˜‹! And in celebration of this milestone, I wanted to thank all my readers and share some reflections on my journey, as well as my plans and goals for the future of this site!

Let’s start with reflections on my journey…

  • Simply put, I LOVE FOOD & DRINK and I wanted to share that love in the form of recipes, meal prep, and foodie inspiration!
  • I’ve absolutely enjoyed delivering content to all of you and I’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback and support from local friends and family about inspiring your own eats and treats at home, thank you ❀
    • Feedback is gift and please keep it coming, if you’ve tried one of my recipes or if I’ve inspired a dish in your kitchen, I’d love to hear from you πŸ™
  • At this point, I’ve had 1,933 views and 1,019 visitors, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much that excites me 😊. What I love about the analytics I receive from WordPress is that I’m able to see where my followers are coming from globally and I am so thankful for the international support πŸ™
I love seeing APAC represented because I love Asian food!!!
  • In this past July, I saw the most visitors since I began this journey, six months ago, which makes me happy since I’ve found the summer to be a challenge to deliver fresh and new recipes because I cook a bit less πŸ˜‰
I think I’m starting to gain traction since I started in February!!!

  • Thank you Dave for being patient while I attempt to dabble in blogging ❀ I appreciate you providing light for my photos, while waiting for that perfect picture with the aromas fill the kitchen πŸ˜‹ I hope my delicious “eats” and “treats” haven’t been too painful to sample and at least this hobby πŸ˜‰ has forced me to dig up the camera you bought.

Now my plans and goals for the future…

  • I’m extremely grateful for all my followers and the support and I hope to continue to build my fan base!
    • Please #followme – If you’re not following, don’t forget to join one of my social media sites or save this website, Jackie’s Eats & Treats. Two, if you’re enjoying my content, feel free to share!
    • Pinterest – I need to spend more time researching how to create a brand on Pinterest because I think that will create additional followers. If any followers have any recommendations here, I’d love to chat with you!
    • YouTube – I’ve upgraded my plan and now I can include videos, so I’m hoping to get into vlogging🀞
  • I’m torn because I love delivering content, but if I do the math on the content delivered since I started six months, that’s approximately 16 monthly posts or 3-4 weekly posts.
    • When I first started in February, I was delivering content almost every other day. Now, it’s a post over the weekend and maybe two during the week, but think I need more balance because too many weekends and evenings are consumed with creating content and that often requires neglecting my home life πŸ˜•.
    • If I’m focused on building my fan base, I need to target my content and maybe get some professional advice. If any followers have any recommendations here, again I’d love to chat with you!
    • I’m having success recycling material and those posts generate traffic on the site, which excites me!!!

I think that reflection covers it! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following and for your support. Cheers, to this journey and continuing to master my craft 🍻

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