Breakfast Banh Mi

This Breakfast Banh Mi was inspired by seeing a Munchie Test Kitchen Video with Andrea Nguyen, chef and author of Vietnamese Food Any Day.

Andrea’s Banh Mi was created with char siu chicken ๐Ÿ˜‹, pickled daikon and carrot, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno and a smear of mayonnaise and Maggi Seasoning Sauce. Since I had fresh crusty bread, bacon, egg, cucumber, radish, red onion, fresh garden basil and my Sriracha Lime Cream on hand; I decided a breakfast Banh Mi was in order.

I love a Banh Mi and someday I hope to have one from the source, Vietnam. In this video, Andrea explains the origins of the sandwich, which came from Vietnam and chefs making a French Baguette with Pรขtรฉ, their own. What I liked about Andrea’s story was that she shared that a Banh Mi is a beautiful thing because you “choose your own adventure” as long it has a bread similar to the French Baguette, fat from a mayo or avocado, a tasty protein, a crunchy pickle, spice and fresh herbs. Thankfully, my Breakfast Banh Mi has all those components!

For the bread, we have fresh French Bread from our Friday night charcuterie. Here my Charcuterie post!

For the fat and creamy component, Sriracha Lime Cream from my Taco Tuesday post. I love this spread on sandwiches and it has heat from the Sriracha, umaminess from the soy sauce and fat from the mayonnaise.

For the protein, we have eggs and bacon. The egg offers more creaminess and fat to our sandwich and you can’t go wrong with bacon, it’s a Breakfast Banh Mi afterall ๐Ÿ˜‰

For the pickle, I simply slice a red onion thinly and add them to a ball jar. I create a pickle of equal parts white distilled vinegar and water, with salt & pepper. The longer a pickle sits, the more punch it has ๐Ÿ‘

For the added crunch and herbs, I added sliced cucumber, radish and fresh garden basil โค

Now to assemble the Breakfast Banh Mi

  • First slice your french bread keeping the crust on one side intacted.
  • Now smear your Sriracha Lime Cream on both sides.
  • Add your protein layer.
  • Top with your pickles and fresh veggies and herbs
  • Enjoy and cheers!