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Italian Cured Meat Tots

You know me, I love my munchies and today I am featuring Italian Cured Meat Tots!!!

These tots were inspired a few weeks ago because I had provolone cheese, prosciutto and basil I wanted to use and I always have banana peppers and salami in my fridge.  With those simple ingredients, Italian Tots were born for a Tidbit Friday and boy was it satisfying and delicious 😋!

Nothing special here 👍, simply crisp up some tots.  I like using my cast iron because it’s great for presentation, retains heat well for crisping up tots and nothing sticks.

Once the tots are crispy, pile on the Italian cured meats and cheese, I used prosciutto, salami and provolone cheese.

Now get that cast iron back into the oven and boil on high until the cheese melts and the meats get crispy because that’s flavor baby 😉!  I added a drizzle of balsamic reduction because balsamic and prosciutto are a match made in heaven!

Now pile on some banana peppers (or other Italian pickles) and some fresh basil and you have Tots elevated to GREATNESS!

Add a tomato sauce dipper and get ready for Movie Night!

I hope these tots inspire something great in you kitchen, cheers 🍻!

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