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Jackie’s Margaritas

Just in time in Cinco de Mayo here’s my Margaritas recipe.  This margarita recipe has the right balance of flavor, making the perfect margarita!  It’s super easy to make and even easier to remember because it’s equal parts of the main ingredients (i.e. tequila and limeade)!  Plus I add fresh lime juice, which evens out the flavor!

Here’s a photo of our margaritas from the archives with our INCREDIBLY tasty carnitas.  I’ll be sure to post that recipe next time we make them!


This recipe makes enough for a group of 4 or refills for 2, salud!

  • 1 cup *blanco/silver tequila
  • 1 cup Newman’s Own Limeade
  • 2 oz of ounce orange liqueur, I use Cointreau
  • 2 oz of fresh lime juice, this will probably be 2 limes
  • For garnishing:
    • Lime slices or wedges
    • Coarse salt

* I prefer silver tequila in my margaritas, but I’m sure any tequila will do. 


1. Use a lime slice to rim your glass with lime juices. Now roll the lime rimmed glass in the coarse salt. Carefully add ice to your glasses, being careful not to lose your salt.

2. Fill a cocktail shaker, pitcher or blender with ice, tequila, limeade, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice and shake, stir or blend together.

3. Serve over the ice and garnish with a lime slice.

4. Salud!

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