Weekly Plan & Prep – Mother’s Day Inspiration

Last week I featured a recipe from my nana’s kitchen, Herbed Rice Pilaf, and this week as I prep, I’ll turn my attention to one of the classic comforts from my mother’s kitchen, Goulash, aka American Chop Suey. This is definitely a comfort food with it’s beefy, tomatoey, macaroni goodness. I’m sure many of us grew up with this dish in their mother’s repertoire of meals and it’s a recipe we’ve continued using when comfort feed is needed. David will be the chef for this Sunday meal since it’s one of his favorites to make ❤️.

I’ll buy a large package of ground beef for the American Chop Suey and we’ll plan for work week tacos with 1/2 of the ground beef because I have some fresh cilantro that should be used.

Here’s my Taco Seasoning recipe!

Last week I bought a family pack of chicken and when I buy family packs, I usually freeze 3 packs for midweek marinated grilled chicken. I have some lemons that should be used, so a lemon, garlic marinade will be part of my Sunday prep in the kitchen.

Since this will be another weekend in the garden, my prep will be minimal and we’ll probably have a meal or two out, so only 3 meals in our plan for the week!

Buy Me a Pie has been updated for my grocery shop! I need
a few staples, Rice & Olive Oil. Greens & Tomatoes for my work week lunches and Milk, Rolls & Bars for David’s work week breakfast, lunch & snack!

Meal 1 – American Chop Suey, aka American Goulash.

Meal 2 – Ground Beef Tacos

Meal 3 – Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken

What’s inspiring you in the kitchen this week?