10 Week Reflection and Easter Plan

Funny reflection from last night, WordPress and Facebook do a great job providing bloggers with stats related to reach, engagement, likes and views. It’s actually amazing insights because I can see what readers and fans are enjoying and it also makes me giddy because I’m really enjoying delivering my content.

Anyways, yesterday evening while sitting on the couch, I looked to see where I was for the week and noticed I had NOTHING for the day ☹️: no engagement, likes or views; and at 10PM I thought I’d save the day and grab a cocktail blog from a month or two ago because it’s late night and my cocktail post seem to please my viewers. So I delivered, Adult Milkshakes and followers you did not let me down! All of a sudden, I had a view, two and three. My day was saved, thank you to those viewers 👍!

Further reflection, in looking at my WordPress and Facebook stats this morning, I was amazed to see my beverage posts and blogs are “trending,” I use that term very loosely since I’ve only had 6 views in the last 24hrs 😆. Thanks to those 6 viewers ❤️ because the cocktail trend has me intrigued and now you’re inspiring me to provide more of that content.

I’m curious what cocktails do you want to see? What types of alcohol do you like? Do you like fruity? Please share your feedback and I’ll try to impress.


I grew up receiving fabolous Easter Baskets with lots of goodies. I’ve held onto that tradition and Sonny and David will get their visit from the Easter 🐰 in the morning.

I have Pineapple Honey Glazed Easter Ham and Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes planned for tomorrow, stay tuned for that post. Ham is one of those meals that keeps giving (if you buy a large enough ham); ham & sandwiches for work, ham fried rice, breakfast for dinner, quiche, ham and pea soup, etc. With that said, I’ll prepare my ham and potatoes for tomorrow, but I will go with the flow this week with meals and see where the inspiration beckons.

What do you have planned for Easter dinner and if you’re having ham, how do typically prepare it? Also how do you use your leftovers, I’d love to be inspired?

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