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I’m keeping my prep and cooking effortless because spring is in the air and we plan to get out of our winter cocoon and visit some our favorite restaurants in town.

Next weekend could hit 60☀️

We’re lucky to live within walking distance of our great town, Dover, NH; which makes for lovely evening walks to the pubs & restaurants and gives us an opportunity to enjoy the better weather. Check out my favorite Dover restaurants in this post!

While I might scale back on the cooking this week, I’m planning to feature the great local spots we plan to visit on my blog this week. We plan to be a bit spontaneous with our plan; however, the Dover Bar’s tend to have great evening specials and that will likely dictate where we end up!

We won’t be out every night and I have some veggies (e.g. spinach, tomatoes, avocado) that will need to be used in the next few days, so I’ll plan to dig into my freezer for some inspiration.

Home meals this week: 1) I found frozen chicken thighs, which I plan to marinade tomorrow with my go-to marinade, and a spinach salad. 2) I also found Meat Sauce, which I made back in February and I’ll add fresh tomatoes, garlic and onion and voila spaghetti bolognese! I love feeling inspired by what I can find in my freezer!

Potential meals out this week: On Monday’s Sonny’s Tavern features their Bird 🐔 and Brew 🍺 special, which is an incredible chicken sandwich and a beer for $10! On Wednesday’s Dover Brickhouse has Happy Hour All Day with the bill at 25% off. Our options are endless in Dover, but these two are frontrunners for me. Wherever we end, those will be the foodie adventures I plan to share this week and stay tuned 👍

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