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Whiskey Blackberry Lemonade

My first “treat” to share 🍾

David and I ❤️ our cocktails. We go to bars and try their cocktails and then attempt to recreate at home and we’ve actually mastered a few (more to come on those). This cocktail, however, was my own creation during the holiday season (this was our Christmas cocktail when we entertained).

This inspiration developed because David loves Whiskey Sours and I thought, how can I create an incredible cocktail with the same flare that I’ll enjoy too 😉 (I’m not a whiskey fan, sorry). I added about 1T of brown sugar and lemon zest to 2 pints (the small ones) of blackberries and simmered. I think you could use any berries and get the same tart magic 👍. Once the berries simmered for a bit, I used a mesh cocktail strainer and pushed the goodness out of those berries (if you don’t want the little seeds, I would use a cheesecloth). Once you’ve created the berry syrup, this “treat” is easy peasy.

Whiskey Blackberry Lemonade (this recipe is for two large Spanish gin and tonic glasses, aka fish bowls)

  • Berry simple syrup
  • 1 lemon
  • Bulleit Rye Whiskey
  • Prosecco

Add 4oz (equal parts) of the berry simple syrup and whiskey to a cocktail shaker with ice. Also add the juices from the lemon into the shaker and shake, shake some more. Strain into your “fish bowls” and top with prosecco. This drink is delicious, tart and sooo delicious. Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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