Easter Ham Leftovers

Easter has come and gone and now you need to use those leftovers. Never fear, Jackie’s Eats & Treats, has you covered with a few great recipes! Well let’s not delay with chit chat and let’s just get onto the recipes πŸ˜‰!

Pineapple & Ham Fried Rice – This could be a quick and easy meal with your ham and pineapple leftovers and what’s better than Tropical Rice 🌴🌺 when spring weather is in the air!

Antipasto Tortellini Pasta Salad – I stumbled across this dish last year while looking on Pinterest for ham leftover inspirations last year. I’m always a fan of a warm salad, especially with Italian flare πŸ˜‰!

Ham & Kimchi Fried Rice – I completely out did myself with this spin on Spam & Kimchi Fried Rice. This recipe was inspired last year by an Amazon delivery of Fish Sauce and Soy Sauce. As you can imagine, I follow many celebrity chefs and most Asian chefs suggest Red Boat Fish Sauce and I needed that condiment in my pantry and boy I am I glad I did. Red Boat Fish sauce is the BOMB! The same is true for Bluegrass Soy Sauce. If you like cooking Asian-inspired dishes, I would recommend these upgrades to your pantry!

Ham & Cheese Pillsbury Biscuits or Crescent Rolls – Yum, the ultimate Friday night tidbit! Cheesy goodness and quick and easy to create!

Ham is such a versatile ingredient and I hope this post will inspire a few of your leftover creations, cheers πŸ₯‚!

PS – I hope you’re surviving self-isolation! I don’t know about you, but cooking has been a lifeline for me. A wanted to make a special shout out for all the medical workers and the folks keeping us safe, thank you ❀️! PLEASE stay safe folks and for those able, PLEASE stay home because it’s the best thing we could do right now πŸ™!

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