Homemade Butter

Once you’ve made your own butter, you might never go back to store bought…trust me. I got this inspiration from a friend when we started talking about our love for bread and butter because there’s nothing like it and it’s one of those simple, perfect classics ❤️

So, how do you make fresh butter, shake heavy whipping cream of course 😉 You can certainly do this with an electronic mixer, but I like the shaking method. For 1 pint of whipping cream, I use a 1 litter ball jar and just shake. The shaking method is a commitment and I would recommend having a partner join the shaking action because it can take about 15-25minutes.

Shake, shake it real good 👍

When the ball jar sounds firm, I would open the jar and start moving around the whipping cream with a spatula to create some air and space for additional shaking (you will repeat this process quite a few times). It will seem like you’re getting nowhere and all you have is whipping cream, but don’t lose hope. If you keep going with this process of shaking, opening and moving around the cream you will certainly get butter. You will know you’re getting closer when the solid starts looking more yellow, like butter, and you hear that solid moving around in the jar! Once you have that butter solid, begin to pour out the buttermilk until you just have butter in your ball jar.

Butter solid

Remove the butter from the ball jar and place it into a shallow bowl. Continue to push the butter with a spatula pushing out the buttermilk (hold onto the buttermilk for homemade ranch dressing). While doing this, salt the butter with fine sea salt.

Once you’ve incorporated the salt, place it onto a sheet of plastic wrap and begin to form into a log using the plastic wrap to help with the rolling.

Place the butter log into the fridge (it will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge) or if you can’t wait, toast up some bread to sample that goodness.

1 pint of whipping cream, should give you about two sticks of butter (the butter photographed above has an end removed already because it was made last weekend to accompany our Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, recipe coming soon). Later today I’ll be making some garlic, rosemary and thyme compound butter for our Sunday roast chicken…stay tuned 👌

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