Week/Food Prep – Week Two

I love when we plan Sunday roasts because it provides such great work week dinners and again takes that mystery of planning a meal after a long day. This Sunday we plan to roast a chicken and the options are endless with chicken: enchiladas, chili, stir fry, pasta, soup (with homemade broth from the bones and giblets), etc.

Again I used Buy Me a Pie for the groceries as I began my plan for the week because it keeps me organized and focused on what we really need.

Dish 1 – Sunday roast chicken, potatoes, veg and gravy.

Dish 2 – Chicken enchiladas are a favorite after we have roast chicken. This dish is inspired by one of my aunts from when I was a teenager. Tortillas, salsa verde, green chillies, red onion, and a cheese makes this a winter classic.

Dish 3 – Chicken stir fry is an easy and healthy midweek dish. I always have lots of veggies, so this is perfect!

Dish 4 – Mushroom and Bacon Risotto, an absolute favorite!

Dish 5 – Bolognese, lucky for us we have some frozen from a few weeks back and I always like digging in the freezer when planning for the week.

My grocery list is rather small this week, which is exciting and looks rather healthy, with the exception of bacon 😉!

I stand corrected from my comment that Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel Gelato is only a summer item because I found it and a few other Trader Joe’s temptations.

I started this year with the resolution that, I’d like to plan better for the week & eat healthier at home and I’ve impressed myself so far this year 😊 because planning was usually on fly which led to more eating out or takeaway. What’s your secrets to planning better for midweek dinners?

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