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Fall Weekend Prep & Planning

The fall is here in New England, crisp mornings, warm and sunshined afternoons and lots of color popping 🍁 It’s Apple Harvest Day in Dover, New Hampshire today and that has me skipping with excitement. Apple Harvest Day is fabulous, tons of craft and food vendors and live entertainment. It turns our town into a tourist hub for the day with 60,000 people visiting for the festival.

Apple Harvest Day has me thinking about Apple Crumble and comfort foods, like The Brickhouse‘s Mac & Cheese, which I’m hoping to get this afternoon 😋 Anywho, the day has me inspired to share my upcoming week’s food plan & prep because we’ve already got a plan as a result of some ingredients acquired in the last few days.

I used to enjoy sharing my weekly prep & planning posts with you. What I loved about it was is kept me honest about my meal plan for the work week. Over the summer, we tended to be more spontaneous with our planning, which was fine but I did find myself visiting the supermarket mid-week for ingredients or we’d stand in front of the refrigerator wondering. Don’t get me wrong, we still throw out some delicious meals and bites, like my Chicken Lo Mein, Chili Lime Grilled Chicken, Vietnamese Beef Pho, Corn & Leek Bisque, Muffuletta Pinwheels, Buffalo Chicken Dip and of course many other meals which I posted on my Instagram page, @jackieseatstreats.

I am excited to get back into the planning though because it keeps us on a budget and avoids the “what’s for dinner” dilemma 😉

As I mentioned, this week’s plan is inspired by some ingredients we’ve recently acquired, dehydrated black trumpet mushrooms 🍄 and Tendercrop Farm’s honeycrisp apples 🍎 and pork chops. And so the menu is already planned and prepped in some cases ❤

Sunday Supper: Lemon Garlic Pork Chops, Spinach Salad with Apple Crumble – I’ve already marinated the pork chops in lemon juice, garlic, EVOO, and salt & pepper, super easy marinate and so delicious in it’s simplification. When I visit the store tomorrow, I’ll grab spinach which I’ll need for my lunch salads and vanilla ice cream for the crumble. Don’t forget to catch my Apple Crumble recipe.

Black Trumpet Risotto – You know I love risotto, like my Mushroom & Bacon Risotto. A friend shared some dehydrated forged black trumpet mushrooms and I’m super excited to rehydrate these and create a yummy and comforting risotto. Nothing needed from the store on this dish.

Vietnamese Noodle with Meatball and Cilantro (Phở Bò Viên) – If you missed my Instant Pot Vietnamese Beef Pho, check it out. After I created that dreamy beef bone broth, I froze some, so I plan to defrost a container and create my favorite, Phở Bò Viên. I plan to make the Vietnamese Meatballs tomorrow, which I’ll plan to post. I’ll plan to grab ground beef, cilantro and green onions from the grocery store.

Hummus Pasta – Last week we tried this dish and it was AMAZING. It was full of flavor and super creamy, but without the cream and completely vegetarian. We have some hummus in the house and since I’ll have spinach for my work lunches, I plan to make this dish again and don’t forget to check out the recipe, Spinach Lemon Hummus Pasta.

The plan it in and the grocery list is set. The app I use for my grocery list is Pie Me a Pie! We use this app for many lists, like weekend to-dos, Christmas lists, spring and fall garden clean-up/prep.

Join my foodie adventures this week @jackieseatstreats and cheers ❤

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