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Adult Beverages during #selfquarantine

It’s Thirsty Thursday friends and Jackie’s Eats & Treats is here to help you both today and inspire what you’re drinking in self-isolation, self-quarantine and/or lockdown from your community. I’ve certainly featured my share of cocktails on this site and during these darker days I’m throwing you a lifeline with a few throwbacks this evening 😉!

Let’s start with Beer 🍺 – PLEASE visit your local breweries during these times because they really need our support 🙏! Some breweries are even offering curbside and contactless pickup, which is brillant!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an IPA fan and below you will find some of my local IPA favorites, along with a few other gems 🍻!

Featured here from top left to bottom right – Definitive Ale IPA, Bissell BrothersIndustry vs. Inferiority IPA, Garrison City Beerwork‘s Neverending Circle Lactose Sour, Heady Topper New England IPA by Alchemist Beer, Buddy Movie IPA Sour by Springdale Beer Co. in collaboration with Stoneface Brewing, SoMe Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie Milk Stout, Bad Lab Beer Co’s Blood Orange Double IPA and finally Haze Double IPA by Treehouse Brewing 🍻!

Now let’s move onto the cocktails

Check out that Sonny photobomb 😉

  • Or maybe an Adult Milkshakes is what you need right now! This ice cream, Baileys and coffee cocktail is the perfect drink for any mood!
Boy could I go for one of these right ❤️!

  • Summer is the around corner and while you might not have all the fixings for these cocktails right now, it might give you something to look forward to because this virus might wind down in the summer 🤞(PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING, PLEASE 🙏)
    • Whiskey Blackberry Lemonade – This is a refreshing Whiskey drink that is typically featured during holiday celebrations in our household. If you have blackberries, lemon, whiskey and prosecco, lucky you because this cocktail is AMAZING at any time!
    • Strawberry Lavender Lemonade – If you have lemon and fresh or frozen strawberries, this drink could be yours, just substitute the lavender infused Vodka with regular vodka.
    • Watermelon Daiquiri – I can’t wait for fresh watermelon, but again if you have this on hand, enjoy🍹!
    • Lemon Meringue Cocktail – One of my absolute favorite cocktails inspired by one of my favorite downtown restaurants, Sonny’s Tavern.

However you’re spending your evenings in self-isolation, I have you covered for cocktails 🍸🍹 and munchies alike! I hope you are well and keeping sane in lockdown. Please stay home and keep your social distance because that will keep others safe, cheers 🥂!

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